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NFL 2014 Predictions

I started these and had them basically all done a week ago, but never finished them off. Even though a couple of my picks already look pretty bad based on week 1, I will stick with my original predictions. Go Bucs! :(

Here is my one and only consistent post I've had here, my predictions for the upcoming NFL season. Pretty simple, I will pick the order of each division, then my playoff picks. Last year I didn't do too poorly overall, even getting the super bowl right before the season started. Crashed and burned with my Bucs division pick, but oh well what can ya do?

AFC East
1. Patriots (3)
2. Dolphins
3. Jets
4. Bills

I hate the Patriots and hope they lose every game they play, but this division is terrible and I don't see any way the Pats don't come out on top.

AFC North
1. Bengals (2)
2. Steelers
3. Ravens
4. Browns

If Andy Dalton plays decent, not even great, this is the Bengals division to lose. Ravens and Steelers are the same in my book, with neither of them making the playoffs, and the Browns are the Browns, which means they will be bad, Johnny Football or not.

AFC South
1. Colts (4)
2. Texans (5)
3. Titans
4. Jaguars

This division will look a lot like last year, with the exception of the Texans moving back up with having a strong defense. I love Blake Bortles and hope the Jags can be better quickly especially if they are starting him, but I think they are still a year or two away from being really competitive. If Andrew Luck stays healthy, this division is the Colts to lose.

AFC West
1. Broncos (1)
2. Chargers (6)
3. Raiders
4. Chiefs

I find it funny the people that are worried about the Broncos this year. They improved on defense dramatically this offseason, and they got all their injured players back. Manning is the best qb in the world, and will have another great season. Broncos won't score as much this year simply because they don't need to with a better defense, but they will run away with this division. The Chargers will be good, but not Broncos good, and the Chiefs will take the biggest step back this season.

NFC East
1. Eagles (3)
2. Giants
3. Cowboys
4. Redskins

I think this division is the worst in football. They get the most attention because of the national bias with this division, but other than the Eagles, the rest of the teams are just bad. The Eagles are going to be even better this year under Chip Kelly, especially having Maclin back and getting Darren Sproles. For personal fantasy football reasons, I hope that RG3 has a great year, but I do not expect him to, and could even see him being benched by the end of the year for Cousins.

NFC North
1. Packers (4)
2. Bears
3. Lions
4. Vikings

Packers need to get something done about their offensive line so that Aaron Rodgers doesn't get killed, but if they can keep Rodgers upright the Packers offense will be enough to win this division. The Bears and Lions will be fairly equal to each other, but neither will make the playoffs.

NFC South
1. Saints (2)
2. Buccaneers (6)
3. Falcons
4. Panthers

The Saints are scary good offensively and should win this division pretty handily I think. This year my picking the Bucs isn't even as much my bias as it is a new coaching staff, great free agent pickups, a stud rookie wr in Mike Evans, and the fact that I think the Panthers are going to drop back dramatically, and the Falcons are overrated. I obviously wrote this before week 1 :( really hoping Tampa can pull their heads out and not make me look horrible 2 years in a row.

NFC West
1. Seahawks (1)
2. 49ers (5)
3. Cardinals
4. Rams

I think the Seahawks are going to run away with this division this year. With all the drama surrounding the 49ers (suspensions, injuries, Jim Harbaugh rumors) I think they take a step back and neither the Cardinals nor the Rams will come close.


Wild Card

Bucs over Eagles - Totally homer pick, but I actually think this is a good matchup for Tampa since their run defense should be great this year.

Packers over 49ers - Packers get revenge for their playoff lost last year.

Patriots over Chargers - The afc sucks, that's all I will say

Colts over Texans - Andrew the Giant wins his 2nd playoff game.

Divisional Round

Seahawks over Bucs - even I can't be that big of homer.

Packers over Saints -  I think Aaron Rodgers won't be effected by the noise in the Superdome.

Broncos over Colts - Manning puts a big hurting on the colts, a reverse from 10 years ago when he put a big hurting on the Broncos when he was with the Colts

Bengals over Patriots - Pats will probably win this because they get the most help from refs ever, and let's be honest, we are dealing with Andy Dalton here, but the Pats are a bad road team at this point so I'm going with the Bengals to end Tommy's season.

Championship Round

Seahawks over Packers - If the Packers O line can hold up at all, I think this will be a very close game and wouldn't be surprised if  they pulled the upset, but right now I just don't see anyone in the NFC beating the Seahawks. Again, wrote this prior to the season. If this matchup does happen, Packers O line will have to be a whole lot better than they were last Thursday or it will be another blowout.

Broncos over Bengals - Broncos at home against Andy Dalton... Broncos win by 20.

Super Bowl

Broncos over Seahawks - Last year I correctly predicted Seahawks over Broncos before the season, but I feel differently about the Broncos this year. I think Seattle is every bit as good, if not better, than last year, but Denver is much better. If the Broncos can stay healthy, they will be a much better all around team than last year and Peyton won't have to carry them on his back every single week. While the Seahawks blasted Denver in the Super Bowl, the biggest reason for that was line play on both sides of the ball. Broncos couldn't protect Manning, and couldn't generate a pass rush. Both of those should be different this time around, and the Broncos will prevail 27-24 in sunny Arizona.

Season Awards

MVP - Should be Peyton, but like Durant winning over Lebron in NBA last year simply because they don't want to give the award to the same guy every year, someone different will win this year. My guess is that it will be Drew Brees simply because he has the best chance to put up monster numbers and the Saints should finish with a good record.

Coach of the Year - John Fox. Fox has never won the award, and while this Broncos team will go as Peyton goes, Fox will win the award since Denver will have a dominant season with nobody else winning any hardware.

Offensive rookie of the year - Mike Evans. This is a slight homer pick. Mike Evans is an absolute stud and if Tamps's line can protect Mccown and he can throw the ball whatsoever, Evans should have a great rookie season, even better then Brandin Cooks for the Saints. This might be the one that really comes back to look bad after Cooks lit it up Sunday and Josh Mccown couldn't get the ball anywhere near Evans for most of the game. Still holding out hope.

Defensive rookie of the year - Khalil Mack. The Raiders defense will be on the field plenty this year, so Mack will have the opportunity to put up a lot of numbers in tackles and sacks.

More than anything I am just stoked that football season is here. Basketball season is way too long and football season not nearly long enough. So here's to a great season, and as always...

Til Next Time,

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